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Lady Banks Rose in Full Sun / Tall Privacy Hedge

13 years ago

Hello. In central Phoenix, I have a block fence that is backed to an alley, and a large dirt lot is next to the alley. Who knows what will be built there in the future behind my house! I need a tall hedge along the whole fence, one that does not take a lot of water, and one that is hardy in this environment.

I like the idea of the Lady Banks Rose for this fence. Most websites say that in order to be at its best, the Lady Banks should NOT be in the full afternoon sun in Phoenix. They also say that the Lady Banks will do well in a wide variety of conditions, so I wonder if it will still do alright in full sun. There is no shade around this fence. Do any of you have experience with the Lady Banks in full sun?

If Lady Banks is not a good idea, do you have any other ideas? I don't want the poisonous Oleander because of curious pets, and Ficus and Italian Cypress are not hardy enough. I have considered grapefruit trees as well. The only things that makes me doubt grapefruit trees is heavy watering and a slower growth rate, but they are still an option for me.

Thank you!


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