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Newbie Seed Savers: the Fall 'Round Robin' Swaps

15 years ago

Just wanted to pass along a bit of "old timer" advise...(2 whole seasons! smile)

The "Round Robin" swaps that take place on the Garden Web Seed Exchange forums are a really fun way to diversify your WS seed collection. There are usually at least 2 listed for each month of the fall (Sept, Oct, Nov. - keep going back to check) and I participated in one EACH month of last fall to gather lots of different seeds.

Go over there and look at the current entry for "Back to School 2008 New Spectacular Seed Swap" to see how it works, but in a nut shell...

--collect, dry, package and label your seeds

-- send in as many packages as you want, plus a return postage envelope, to the host

-- the host will send you back all DIFFERENT seeds, as many packages as you sent in. Sort of like a grab bag. Many hosts will allow you to make requests ("no more cleome, I have enough" or "tall red zinnias would be welcome"

Take it from me, it is so exciting when that big envelope arrives full of seed packages at your house - and you have not paid a penny for it AND it is fresh home grown seed!

So get out there and start collecting seed. Even if you are a new gardener this year, your garden will surely have something to collect seeds from by mid-September.


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