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wanted: wanted: double or shredded brugs

16 years ago


I am interested in shredded or doubles. I have to offer:

clivia (plant)

Abutilon Marion Stewart (gorgeous and huge and covered with blooms) (plant)

Brug cutting Jean Pasco, Insignia Pink

Red firespike (plant)

Purple firespike (plant)

Sesbania punicea (scarlett wisteria) (plant)

Caeslipinia mexicana (plant)

Dwarf Pride of Barbados (plant)

Coral vine (plant)

orange plume (plant)

yellow plume (plant)

Pink plume (plant)

Rouge berry (plant)

Clerodendrum musical notes (plant)

Clerodendrum bridal veil (plant)

Misi Luke banana pup

Praying hands banana pup

Red and white bleeding heart vine (very large plant)

Datura seeds: La Fluer, Alba, Ballerina

Red Castor bean seeds

Let me know if you have brugs that match my desires and if anything I have grabs your fancy!


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