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HAVE: Dragon Fruit 'Purple Haze' want B. Cherub

14 years ago

I had to cut back my plant because it was attacking me. I have some pretty long cuttings of this and a few smaller ones. The variety name is Purple Haze and it grows like a weed. It is very drought tolerant and one fine day you will even see fruit if you grow her right. I have mine on my patio where she is pretty much neglected (probably why she attacks me, hehehe) and mine is large but hasn't fruited because I just don't have the room to let her grow like she needs to. She just doesn't get enough sun where she is. I promise to treat her like the Queen she thinks she is once I move and have more room.

The cuttings mostly are rooted as the long stems attached themselves to the patio floor. I managed to get most of the paint chips off of the roots (the paint stuck to the roots instead of the floor when I pulled the stems up.) If you plant it near a wall this plant will climb it and attach itself through aerial roots. She will take the paint off your house if you try to rip her off though so plant with care. Of course this only works if you live in a warmer climate. If you live in the cold tundra called the north, you will need to get creative. She has thorns (small annoying ones) so wear gloves when handling. This website has some great growing ideas and other info on the dragon fruit. You can also see the fruit of this particular variety.

Since I am short on space, what I am really looking for is cuttings or rooted Brugs that remain relatively small. I really want a cutting or plant of B. Cherub. I think Cypress Gardens and Angel's Summer Dream are also smaller growing varieties so I would really like cuttings or a rooted plant of these or any other varieties that would do well in a pot.

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