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HAVE: Rooted Brug Cuttings for trade

15 years ago

My big 'mother' plants are all waking up from winter dormancy so it doesn't look as though I'll need all the cuttings I started as potential replacements.

Just a cautionery note....when shipping plants out for postage i wait til I get the postage from the last shipment before shipping the next. I've just been burned too many times by never getting postage after shipping and just can't afford it anymore.

My first choice is to trade for other cuttings I don't have, whether rooted or not. The plant purchasing budget has shrunk and this is how I hope to 'increase the herd'.

.....and if you have something other than a brug you'de like to offer as a trade, I'm open to that also.

I've got enough to make a lot of trades and still donate a bunch to our local garden club sale.

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