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Winter Sown Dahlias

14 years ago

These have actually been flowering for a couple of weeks now. They are all growing in pots in MG potting soil. They started blooming just before our horrible heat wave (100+ degrees) last week, but I kept them well watered, and they hardly skipped a beat.

Red Collarette Dahlia -- I love this one, I'll definitely be saving seeds from it! Red is my favorite color. I'd like to have a bunch of these next year!


Here it is in the pot -- it's about two feet tall.


This pretty yellow and pink bicolor came from seeds that Fran sent me. I plan on sowing loads of this too!


Unfortunately, the flowers on this third one, which came from the same packet of Collarettes as the red one, remind me of used tissues! They are a washed-out yellow, and the petals all have brown streaks, so as soon as they open, the flowers look like they are already old. Bummer.


This gorgeous red and white bicolor wasn't winter sown, I bought it at Lowe's. But I love it, and I've already gotten a handful of seeds from it. I hope the seeds come true, but we'll see. The label says Harlequin. It's only about a foot tall, but I just love the flowers. If I get enough seeds from it, I'll put a packet or two in token's swap.


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