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Deer resistant scented perennial to replace phlox .

15 years ago

Just posted this at the Perennial Forum but thought I might post here to. Hope my winter sowing friends can help!

I've decided to replace several stands of Phlox Paniculata. I am very tired of not seeing them bloom. Tried garlic and cayenne pepper mixtures, Tree Guard (suppose to repel them for weeks and at @25.00 a bottle it should!), Bounce sheets cut in strips, Irish Spring soap, etc. Oh, yes I do have 2 dogs which run them off the property when they are out, but the deers know our routine.

You get my point so enough of that. Roses and Lilies to replace are out of the question. They eat those too - thorns and all.

I've discovered Cimicifuga which has a most beautiful scent so I've started replacing some of them with it. Do you know or have any prennials in your gardens of a similar size to Phlox which provide a wonderful scent starting in late July and which the deer may not eat for desert after clearing the hosta garden?

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