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Chicago area fall plant/seed swap

14 years ago

I would like to start a new tread about wants/ haves and invite people to come to our plant swap

Sep 12

10 am-12 pm which is Sat.

Plants, seeds, bulbs, cuttings that will root easily like coleus, houseplants- use your discretion what you could bring.

I will provide small seed envy, if you bring your extra seeds in bulk.

Location is Skokie, for details directions pls email me.

Presently I have plants

armenian basket flower- lots

painted daisy- some is starting to bloom

malva Merlin

corydalis lutea

lobelia siphylitica blue and white forms

fern ostrich

some various primulas

white primrose- oenothera pallida

tradescantia Concord Grape

Campnanula trachelum blue

several different astilbes

heuchera villosa purpurea

several different thalictrums

sea lavender

hollyhock seedlings

am not sure what seeds will be available at that time...

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