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Sow bugs/Pill bugs/"rollie-pollies"/wretched insects from hell

9 years ago

OKAY so I have never started an actual thread - but we are dealing with a VERY unusual problem at my house. That is, we have a MAJOR issue with pill bugs (or whatever you want to call them) in our yard - they are EVERYWHERE in all my flower beds and lawn as well.

While laying winter rye this last weekend it was apparent the little shi*s are all across the entire lawn. I have read a lot online that they do not damage living plant matter for the most part, instead feeding on decaying matter etc. The thing is, there ISN'T enough dead or decomposing matter in my garden/lawn to justify the size of this colony. They certainly appear to be eating small seedlings and small nursery transplants as well as I have found them in the HUNDREDS surrounding the base of some plants that were not doing so well upon removal of said plants . . . I have spread diatomaceous earth multiple times but it's too big an area and must be watered too frequently for that to work. I have also tried a general insecticide (cant remember brand at the moment at the office) but I only applied it sparingly in the flower beds to try to prep them for perennials that I wasn't going to risk losing to these insects!

I have done thorough research and digging in my yard as well and do not see another suspect pest to explain - does anyone on here have any information from anecdotal experiences of anything remotely similar? ? ?

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