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well water question

17 years ago

Hi all. After a winter of lurking and searching and reading I thought I had came up with everything I needed for my new container bog. I am planning it in a half whiskey barrel that I already have and DH purchased the sand and the moss. I have a liner ready, a spot picked out and strong kids to do the actual work. Then a terrifying thought came to me. I don't have enough rainwater (or distilled) to do the iniital wetting of the mix. I don't think I can convince DH to run out and buy enough distilled water for the job and I don't have a local source of 25 cents a gallon RO water avaliable. (due to recent surgery I can't do the driving for the water myself)

My well water (untreated) is high enough in iron to come out of the tap orange.

Sooooo, this leaves me three options.which one would you pick?

1. wait until it rains and fill up the rain barrel then proceed as planned.

2. fill the whiskey barrel with dry media and wait until it rains to get the contents moist

3.. switch to plants (I haven't bought any yet) that can stand having iron in the mix.



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