Root Nodes? What would you do with this one

16 years ago

This Angel Wing Begonia cutting was given to me by MennoAnna in Portland -

with a generous mass of new roots - just last month.

I potted it up, and have watered lightly but frequently. I noticed this week that there are nodes all along the main stem. It branches above (the photo may not show that) to a large ratty looking leaf from an tripping incident on the way home), and a heathier looking new group of leaves above.

Thoe nodes on the main stem look like root nodes to me. And at the branched V just above the soil, I see new growth poking out. So should I cut above that, and plant the entire large stem in sterile medium?

Last, should I try a leaf cutting

from the large, torn leaf?

I did successfully root an eyelash Leaf given to me by Ming last fall, in a sandy mix. The new growth poking out under the origional leaf is so cute!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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