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9 years ago

This is going to be my first year ever to try winter sowing. Since I am a virgin to this method of gardening, I ask what has always worked well for you along with a few other questions.

As with anything I am new to, I research the fire out it. My first question pertains to containers that I can use. I always see people using milk jug, OJ jugs, 2L coke bottles, clear plastic bags even. My husband drinks a LOT of coffee, so we tend to accumulate several red buckets with the black lid. Is there anyway I could rig it to for use for winter sowing?

While prowling around Google, I've seen a few pictures of using the cardboard tubes from paper towels & TP. After the bottom of the jug has been filled with soil, the tubes are places a little ways into the dirt & filled themselves. After that the seeds are planted into the individual tubes. Supposedly, this makes it easier when it comes to transplanting as well as keeping things neat to better identify what has been planted. Has anyone tried that before? I could use a need for all of those TP tubes.

Also, I am in north Louisiana. This is why I am sketchy about trying winter sowing. My winters are as weird as they come. It stays hot still September. October is nice fall weather...sometimes. November is kinda chilly. By the time Christmas & New Year comes, the A/C is back on again. Then anytime between January & March, more cold fronts come through. Before you have time to enjoy the cold, it's in the 90s already. I'm afraid when these warm spell happen, my seeds will sprout way earlier than they need to. So if anyone who lives in Louisiana that winter sows, or someone who used to winter sow in Louisiana, please barrage me with advice.

Also, I would like to know what plants are good for winter sowing. I am planning on doing vegetables. I know tomatoes can be winter sown, but I would like to have a broader option than various tomatoes.

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