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Looks like one last bloom before I pitch it

12 years ago

Well looks like my Oskar is going to give me one last blooming before I consign it to the dumpster. Why throw it away you ask? -- I'm pretty sure it is virused.

When it bloomed for me this past New Year's I had noticed a streak that I wondered if might be color break. Being into orchids, I am aware that color break is often indicative of a virus. Shortly thereafter, a member on this forum mentioned that this crop of Oskars seemed to be virused and I'm quite sure mine is as well. (The leaf color seems similar to what that poster said to look for as well.) I put it outside on my balcony once it warmed up figuring I'd give it one last "summer in the sun" as it were. So today I notice a spike emerging. I figure I'll let it do its thing one last time.

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