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November 2013 what looks good/bad in your garden?

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

Wow, we sure have had a cool down this week. I'm not quite sure I'm a fan, LOL. I know most things in my garden seem to be. What about you and yours??

It's always fun to share pics and updates about our gardens, so don't be shy. Here's my Aloe 'Hercules' with Wilson the tennis ball perched to show size. Plus yet another bloom on one of many seed grown Matucana madisoniorium cacti on the patio.


We'd love to see/hear about yours. Oh, and I know today's still October, LOL, but I won't be able to get online tomorrow and didn't want to miss out, hah!

What's looking good, bad, awful in your garden?

Happy gardening!

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