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Review: The Craft & Art of Bamboo by Carol Stangler

19 years ago

The Craft & Art of Bamboo: 30 Elegant Projects to Make for Home and Garden, by Carol Stangler

Published by Lark Books in 2001

Publisher's Price $27.95

This is a great book, which now appears on my wishlist for garden books. I found a copy at the library while looking for books that would help me learn how to make bamboo structures for my garden. This book taught me not only how bamboo grows and how it should be harvested, finished and preserved, but also gave me information about special tools to use in bamboo construction and numerous photos and graphics showing how to join bamboo pieces. Then followed precise instructions for building exactly the trellis I had in mind! There were also instructions for many other beautiful projects, most of which call for building skills far greater than mine. But the directions were all so clear and complete that I was filled with the hope of someday being able to follow them. And certain details of the larger projects immediately gave me ideas for smaller projects of my own.

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