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Who Knew?? Frozen Seeds Germinating...

Hi Everyone,

Well, did any of you know that you CAN germinate frozen amaryllis seeds!!

I found out quite by accident. I had some seeds of Exotica x Rio Negro (the only time I've had any success with Rio Negro) so I germinated about 10 of them and I put the rest in one of those little brown paper bags and put it in my container of pollens that was in the fridge and totally forgot about them!
Over the next few months I continued to save pollen as the flowers bloomed and one by one the little brown bag of seeds got covered up with plastic bags of pollen.
Probably around some time in early June, or was it May, I decided it was time to freeze the pollen so I just put the already covered plastic container in the freezer. We keep our freezer at about -4 degrees.
When I noticed several weeks ago that I was going to have some summer flowers to play around with I went looking through my little bags of pollen to see what appealed to me for making crosses and low and behold, guess what I found??!! Yep, my frozen seeds. So I just thought what the heck.. I might as well give it a try and so I dumped all 30 seeds in water and about a week later I saw my first one germinate!! Currently, I have about 10 sprouting seeds and they have nice white roots and seem to be progressing just fine, not one of them is mushy (so far)!!

So... did any of you know this could be done (to a small extent as they were only in the freezer for about 2 months) or have I made an astounding discovery??!!

Here they are...âºâºâºDonna

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