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Any High Desert Vegetable Gardeners?

17 years ago

I appreciate this Forum, cause y'all address many of the problems we high desert California gardeners have. I'm hoping some of you out there are starting a winter vegetable garden. This is my first year, and I may have jumped the gun and started my seedlings way to early (in what I have since learned is the barren sign of Leo, according to moon gardeners!)

Our nighly temeperatures are in the fifties, and it cools off quickly after the sun goes down, but it still gets up to a hundred on the south side of the house where the transplants are going. I think I have to transplant them this week, judging by the length of the roots ((I also think maybe I "superthrived" prematurely!

) Do you think they will make it if I can keep them shaded until the heat eases up a bit? I know, I can always start more, but these babies are so eager to grow, I'd like to give them a fighting chance.

Hoping to hear some reasurrance that in spite of doing everything wrong at the beginning, there may still be some hope?



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