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Pics from 8/4, heavy on the pics

14 years ago

Took these pics, yesterday. didn't get a chance to post them before now.

I love how the sun and my crazy camera can really change the color of the bloom when the sun is brightly shining on it. Some of them could pass for being a totally different plant and bloom.



cosmos sunset, taken with the sun right over head. between the sun and the way the camera picked up the color it comes out like this


Same bloom but different angle and the sun totally blocked by clouds. a different color but the tinges or red don't show up.


cosmos diablo in part sun


in full shade


in full sun overhead and reflected by the camera


Sunflower double dandy. short 24 inches growing in a pot. this one branches and is full of buds and one blooming flower




marigold disco flame in part sun


in full sun with camera playing with the light


cleome pink and dark pink. supposed to be 2-3 feet like last year, but the weather has been wreaking havoc on all my plants and their growth. These are bound and determined to bloom even though the are about 12 inches tall.








chinese forget me nots on their 4th bloom


and this was a division from a plant swap

pink japanese anemone



miniature rose



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