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Bees under house (through vent); how do I get rid of them?

8 years ago

Hi all,
I am bee-friendly, but I am pretty sure I should not let these bees stay.
I have what seem to be friendly bees. They go about their business in and out one of my crawlspace vents all day and never bother anyone. They aren't wasps--they have a bee shape. But, I don't think I should let them stay under my house. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. (ha!)

So, my FIL says I should kill them (he has wasps everywhere where he lives and is a liberal user of wasp spray). I'd rather not kill these guys. They aren't aggressive in the least. And, I'd have to be in the crawlspace to kill them, I think, and that seems like a bad idea too.

I was thinking of trying to put dry ice on the vent they are coming and going from. My first reasoning was that would cool their hive and maybe they'd be sluggish enough to kill (but, again, I rather not kill them). But, I also am not sure that'd really work since CO2 sinks and I think these guys are hiving off the ground, in my floor joists.

So, I'm reaching out! I'm a regular on the build/remodel/kitchen forums. Are any of you local PNW'ers who have an idea of who I should call to remove these guys? Anyone want them? (In Seattle Eastside area).

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