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My turn to show off my bloomers : ) (picture heavy)

13 years ago

There have been so many wonderful pictures posted lately, that I thought I would jump in with a few of my own.

I'll start with wintersown stuff, and then maybe show off some other stuff too.

This year, I decided to wintersow directly into the planters on the porch, so I wouldn't have to transplant them. I planted several different kinds of annual into each pot, and covered the pots with plastic. Worked great! Plus, that meant fewer containers to plant out.

Coreopsis tinctoria (I think it came from v1rtous1ty)


In that same pot is Nasturtium 'Tip Top Gold'


This is Dwarf Red Coreopsis (seeds were from Token)


Ursinia Anethoids, which is in a pot with Gazania 'Daybreak Orange Cream', Nicotiana 'Choc. Smoke', and Amaranth 'Autumn Touch'. I'll try to get a picture of the whole combination once everything is in bloom.


New for me, and one of my favorites so far this year, Snapdragon 'Scarlet Giant'


Okay, now for some things sown in previous years. This is Shasta daisy 'Alaska' wintersown in '07


Aquilegia chrysantha, also wintersown in '07


Last year, I wintersowed California poppies. This year, I didn't have to ... they came back on their own




Another one that was wintersown in '09, Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'. This is the first bloom of the season.


Verbascum 'Copper Rose', wintersown in '09, and this was the only stem of blooms so far. When I wintersowed 'Southern Charm' it bloomed the first year, and was much fuller it's second year. Still pretty though ...


And one more from '09, Poppy 'Double Tangerine Gem'


The Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' was wintersown in '07, the 'Black Eyed Stella' was not wintersown.


Okay, here is a shot of the veggie garden here at the house. I also have a 20' x 20' plot at the community garden.


Wintersown lettuces, obviously planted HOS style : )


Wintersown 'Rainy's Maltese' and 'Soldacki' tomatoes in an Earthbox


A very happy 'Patio Red Marconi' plant (started indoors)


Strawberry 'Temptation', wintersown in '09, and finally starting to do something this year!


Whew! That's a lot of pics! Hope you enjoyed them, as much as I did sharing them.


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