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Do solitary bees eat other insects?

14 years ago

Hi! Today I noticed a small hole in my lawn that had what looked like a shiny dead red winged ant laying on top of it. I pushed the dead insect out of the way and immediately, a bee stuck its head out of the ground and dragged the ant down into the hole. I then watched the bee push dirt out of the hole, as it worked on its tunnel. The bee didn't sting me or even fly out of the hole and I only saw that one bee. I know there are solitary bees that nest in the ground. I also know that yellow jackets can nest in the ground. But I didn't get a good look at this bee and don't know which this might be. I'd hate to destroy a harmless bee, but can't leave yellow jackets in my lawn! Do solitary bees eat other insects? Or is the fact that it dragged a dead insect into the nest proof of a yellow jacket colony? Any help would be much appreciated.

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