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Getting rid of wasps in pond

10 years ago

I am having a horrible time this year with wasps (yellowjackets, and red wasps) along with bees in my pond.

Normally I have a few each year, and they dont bother. This year I have hundreds of bees, and wasps. I have gotten stung by the wasps, and need to figure out a way to get them to move on. I dont want to kill them, but I cant keep getting stung, and also the danger to my pets. Any reccomendations? I have tried the yellowjacket hanging trap- got a BIG 3 :) so that didnt do too well. I cant you poisons due to the fish in the pond, plus I really dont want to kill all insects. We are in a drought, so they are probably coming due to the water? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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