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Way OT - Back from vacation into a mess

14 years ago

Hey all,

Just venting a bit here. A long winded unspellchecked, unedited for grammer, vent.

I realize how trivial this is compared to our health and our loved ones, even the state of the world today. But...

I've been close to tears a few times and that takes quite a bit for this old "Brooklyn Boy"

Chase and I came home from our wonderful week in Provincetown yesterday. Even with me getting food poisoning for 2 days it was still a fantastic vacation.

When we walked into the house all the plants were sitting in saucers of water, kind of what I expected from the woman I HIRE to care for my plants when I'm gone. I've used her in the past and expect that most will be flooded.

I tag what needs watering and on what days to water, since the sun/plant room gets to way over 100 degrees daily this time of year the saucers usually evaporate by days end. No biggie, until...

I went to the back yard.

My beautiful gardens and containers had been watered once during the 10 days I was gone. There is no shade, everything faces the south. It didn't rain. I now live in a waste land.

Luckily all my hippis are indoors and survived.

Four brugmansias that were covered with buds are bare branches right now, not even leaves. I may see flowers when it freezes here. My night blooming oxypetalum dropped all it's buds so I probably won't see flowers on that again this year although there was one sad spent bud from the night before hanging there to tease me.

Black eyed susans/ phlox/ curly willows/ potted figs/ some gorgeous annuals all fried and I mean crisp fried.

I called the "woman" (any other word at this time will only get me trouble) and asked here when she was last here to water? "Yesterday" AHHHHHHHH she came by and continued to lie to my face. Some of these containers would take 2-3 days to dry out even on my stone patio in the sun. She said they didn't look like that yesterday, and that the hanging plants were crisp dry the day she first showed up to water them, (lies, I had watered them the morning she was to come the first day.) my hanging plants were/are epi cacti, they should do ok. Passiflora lady margaret and white wedding - dropped every freakin flower bud they had developing and many leaves crisped. My coffee tree, cane begonias, some potted grasses, gazanias!!! all toast.

There is so much more gone, Luckily we had some rain last night and I'll be out there supplementing with drip hoses and sprinklers all day.

Oddly a tropicana canna survived the heat and drought in the middle of the patio and was still blooming in it's bone dry container I'll have to plant more of them next year.

I am so disgusted right now.

My 80 something year old neighbor watered daily what she could from over the fence so a hydrangea was saved, I'm sure if this old neighbor could have made it over things would have been watered.

Sorry I dumped this here, Chase is kind of leaving me alone since we got home yesterday he hasn't seen me this distraught in years, as I looked around the gardens I would gasp when I would realize what dried heap I was looking at.

If she had any type of money I'd take her to court over this. It is her business, yep she makes a living taking care of things like this for other people.

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