I've gotten the permit for the Australian Export

13 years ago

Good news, or bad news for all of you who wanted to lay your hands on some bulbs from Australia.

I just got the permit set from USDA tonight to import nursery stock from various countries till 07/15/2013.

Don't start celebrating yet though. This permit process took half a century, and we are way late ordering the bulbs from Maguires. We were supposed to give them our list by the end of May.

I will contact them in the coming days and will ask them if they still have bulbs to sell us or not, and how much time we have to compile our final list. But don't forget: all of this is just a big IF now that the permit arrived so late. So create your lists of your wants, but be prepared that we might, or might not be able to go through with it after all. All depends on the answer I will receive from Australia.

Now you tell me if it is good news or bad!

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