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How do I get rid of swarming bees in my yard?

15 years ago

Hello. I'm new to these forums and hope someone can help solve my problem. I have a small swarm of bees in a tree in the front yard. We noticed them about 25 hrs prior to this writing. They are hanging in a clump on a branch in small oak tree, about 10 ft up. I would like to get rid of them without killing them. I know nothing about bees, except that they are important to nature, are major pollinators, and are on the decline worldwide.

I have already called the county agent and several beekeepers in my area. None of them seem interested in coming to capture the bees, and I have no experience, knowledge, or equipment to deal with these bees. I do not want to kill them, but they are less than 20 yds from my front door. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give to help me encourage these bees to move on. Will they move on eventually?

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