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Bamboo as a screen along fenceline near pool

12 years ago

Our in-ground pool is on something of a hill, and we're looking for a bit more privacy than is provided by our 6-ft fence. I was planning to plant some Little Gem Magnolias around the perimeter, but then I heard a little about using bamboo instead.

I'm completely new to bamboo - never had any, never known anyone who has. I'm just looking for something reasonably fast-growing that I can maintain at under 20ft or so, that doesn't make a huge mess that would get into the pool. These plants will be a minimum of 15-20 feet from the pool, so I don't think root size would be a problem. I'd also like to keep as much of my yard as possible, which is one thing that makes the bamboo attractive over the magnolias - the magnolias would take about 10 ft off the perimeters of the yard, whereas I'd guess I could get away with only 3-4 ft thickness of bamboo? (I'm not looking for the ultimate privacy screen, just enough to obstruct the view.)

Budget is also a concern. I don't have just a ton of money to spend, and I hear bamboo is cheaper and spreads out more quickly. I really have no idea what kind of cost I'm looking at with bamboo, though. The linear distance to be covered is about 60 ft.

Also, I wouldn't mind something with a kind of tree-like look to it. Like I said, I'd be the first in my well-established neighborhood with bamboo, so I don't want to rock the boat too much.

If you actually read all that, I appreciate it. If you take the time to give me an answer, thank you even more.

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