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What medicines do you feed your honeybees in spring?

10 years ago

Its springtime. I had three hives last fall - now I have two. One hive died over the winter. not sure why...

I have been reading about honeybee diseases and doing quite a bit of research into remedies. One son-of-a-beekeeper writes about how commercial apiaries feed antibiotics to honeybees in the springtime. He details Oxysol 62.5 which I cannot get.. He also mentions acid pads and sticky strips for killing mites. ?

Do the fruit crop growers and hobby beekeepers in Niagara Falls foster a hotbed of honeybee diseases? (through neglect ie they are only keeping bees to pollinate fruit crops and dont care about bees well-being or honey crops...?) interesting idea. hope its not true

What do you guys do? What diseases do your fear most and what is your drug plan with bees?

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