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Bamboo mixed in wood chips that I want to compost for raised bed

13 years ago

I got a load of wood chips from a tree service that was clearing around power lines in my neighborhood. The wood chips have a lots of green leaves and twigs, which is great since I want to compost them and use them to form the base for a new raised bed for strawberries. Unfortunately I discovered that there is also a fair amount of shredded bamboo mixed in with the leaves and wood chips. The larger parts of bamboo canes have been shredded into pieces less than 1 in wide and a few inches long. The are no bamboo roots in the mix that I can see. The tips of the bamboo canes were small enough that some of them did not get shredded as the larger parts of the canes did. These shredded tip ends of the bamboo canes are up to 1/4 inch in diameter and 6 to 18 inches long  pencil sized or slightly longer. If one or two bits were to sprout, I could pull them up easily enough, but I don't want a raised bed full of bamboo. Will these bits of bamboo take root and start growing if the pile has gotten hot for a few days?

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