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darn white flies

15 years ago

I guess I need to keep calm when I see white flies. I diluted Dawn dish soap with water and sprayed most of my plants but held back and did not spray my bananas! I was tempted. I hate those nasty flies and they are covering my plants and looks like they are doing some damage. I might have done more damage but hosed my plants off this morning. I hear that Dawn soap isn't that great but it's ok to use Simple Green? I saw white flies on my bananas this morning and that is making me really mad. I don't know how to get rid of them and can't find any lady bugs for sale around where I live. Should I ignore the white flies or are they going to suck all my plants dry including my precious bananas? I even found a pup this morning and I'm so happy! I'm in central California and there seems to be an abundance of these white flies right now. Thanks for any help from anyone!

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