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August 2014 how does your garden look?

8 years ago

Hi everyone,

Okay, we're starting off August with decent temps (79 F in my garden this morning) and clouds. Think it will last? LOL, I know, I know, probably not even through this afternoon!

What's looking good, bad, or awful in your garden?

One thing that looks just dreadful in mine is my experimental planting of Galvesia speciosa, lol. It's a fun leafy shrub from California's Channel Islands, which have the same aridity that we do, but not the amazingly high summer temps that we do. It looked wonderful all autumn, winter and spring, but now is suddenly dead Dead DEAD, lol. Oh well, it was a fun experiment!

Something that looks GREAT: my new Day of The Dead colorful talavera style glazed pot that I picked up in Santa Fe, New Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I loaded it up with vincas to mirror the flowers on La Senora's hat (aka 'Catrina'). If you know me, you know I love color in the garden, on pots, and in my clothes, lol, so I've become addicted to talavera pots over the years and I'm really happy I drove to Santa Fe so I could purchase this puppy, hah.



What about you? What looks good/bad/awful in your garden? We'd love to hear, pics or not.

Happy gardening all!

Here is a link that might be useful: August 2014 pics (so far) from my little garden

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