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question about soil amendments

18 years ago

I planted some bamboo that does OK in shade in a row along the back of my property. There are large forest trees there but one fell down last year and let in enough light that the bamboo can have a go at it.

The question is about the soil. It's realllllly claylike and often very dry. I'm thinking of this as a plan:

a) throw some gympsum around

b) put compost (lots of it) around each bamboo plant

c) mulch with hay or straw that's already partially composted.

Now, I'm thinking to put vegetable scraps under the straw but my concern is that the raccoons might get into it. What do you think? I want to encourage earthworms.

Finally, does anyone have anything to add to my soil amendment plan?


p.s. I know the bamboo will eventually do OK as I planted some farther down a long time ago. It's done well but it took about three years to really form a good screen. I'm hoping to shorten the time with this plan.

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