Hippie Seeds for South Africa

11 years ago

Anyone got extra seeds to share?

I am sending some Hippie seeds to South Africa as gifts to our gardening friends there. Unfortunately, I have not produced a lot of seeds last season and this season (so far) as I try to make harder crosses (exotic). 50%-70% of these harder crosses fail. I have had a lot of request for Hippie seeds there but cannot supply much.

Our gardening friends there do not have much varieties. Most of them have the regular red and white. You would think that they would have all of HADECO's varieties but this is not the case. HADECO has a policy of not selling varieties locally that they export specially the newly released ones. They also do not have all these bulb companies that import bulbs from Holland like we do here in USA. They are not picky on which variety or color. Anything coming from your gardens and sent with your hearts will be very highly appreciated.

I am also trying to save some cybister seeds for DIZZY. She would like some if you have any extra ones.

Please contact me for my mailing address if you have any Hippie seeds to share.

Thank you all and Happy Hippie gardening!

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