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Bamboo Threatened by Neighbor! (long VENT)

17 years ago

I have already had it out with this neighbor several times with respect to the property line, and the fence that's on the property line which he claims sole proprietorship of since he put it up. I had a pine tree in the corner of my property. I caught his wife hacking it down as I returned from work one day. She "claimed" she was trimming it. She butchered it. About 3 weeks later I had DH remove it totally because the needles were turning yellow and it appeared that she did irreversible damage to it. FINE. I was furious, but I had decided at that point that it wasn't worth discussing with them because they refuse to respect me long enough to allow me to finish a sentence. You would think they'd know about common courtesy being an older couple, but they simply lack any refinement. I find it funny how so many older people say young people are disrespectful and rude, and yet there's no such thing as having a normal conversation with these idiots! (Sorry, I'm upset.)

Anyhow, the neighbor (the husband) started in on my Dh yesterday about how he was going to use herbicide on my bamboo. He was advised that he could trim anything that fell on his property, otherwise - the HELL with him! None actually has grown on his property, and he cuts his lawn every 2 days so it wouldn't stand a chance anyways! By the way I neglected to state that I had planted a bamboo patch (probably bisetti) along the fence because he's so nosy he had huge windows installed in the BACK of his 3.5 car garage (Too much $$$ and has nothing to do with it - this man needs a life!) and the BACK of his shed that have a direct view of our yard. I figured I'd take care of that with bamboo since privacy vinyl fencing is out of the question due to expense. In addition, there's some whacky law here, where he is of course grandfathered in that says you cannot block the "natural view" outside someone's window or from their property with certain obstructions. A fence would be considered an obstruction. Anyhow, today he got into with my huband and threatened to herbicide the entire patch of bamboo. I need the privacy from this nut, in addition to the fact that I have animals! My animals are enclosed by a fence the we put up that meets his fencing. (chain link) I don't want my bamboo killed, and I don't want my dogs poisoned. As the conversation usually goes, he threatened lawyers on us and my husband did the same. We actually have cause with respect to his shed as it's built too close to the property line according to land use regulations. I don't want to do that. In fact the last time he started talking to me I simply walked away because he wants to verbally abuse me and not allow me to respond in any way. I need advice, and maybe a lobotomy. Any ideas?

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