H. Limona...a different look in spring

13 years ago

This is Limona last winter as a newly planted bulb on it's first scape. Flowers did not open right and scape produced that "lollipop" effect of flowers. And I thought, it's a pretty yellow/green with SOME peach brown markings...nothing spectacular. Moonlight on it's second season which was also in bloom was a lot prettier then.


Now in spring, Limona has rooted in and brought out it's third scape. I had to read it's name tag to make sure it was really Limona. And sure it was, just with a different look...


Now it gets to fully opens it's flowers and the green throat is brighter...


And shows off those petal markings...


I love that colored tip of the style!


With Exotica on it's last flower (just to compare colors)


And with Naranja ( my best orange so far)...


Spring brings out the best in us...

Thanks soultan... :-)

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