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Help with Century plant, also Yucca, citrus question - pictures

14 years ago


I am new to AZ, originally from the northwest. I'm unfamiliar with care of cactus, citrus etc. that we have now in the yard. I could use some advice.

This century plant has dying leaves along the bottom and lots of suckers around it, I tried to pull one little sucker out but it seemed to have a very long root. When we moved in some of the tips of the big leaves looked shriveled, like it was frost damaged. Now they are turning yellow. I'm unsure what to do and also about the suckers, do I let those grow to replace the dying leaves or are they stressing the plant too much? I had to cut off one leaf when we moved in because it was blocking the sprinkler head. I am watering this about every three days, just enough to wet it. Is that too much? It wasn't being watered at all I noticed so after the yellowing I watered it, it seems not to have made a difference one way or another.

Also, this yucca tree had two 10 foot flowering stalks on it by the time it stopped growing. I cut the stalks off as best I could after the blooms fell, but there's still a five inch or so stub left that I can't get to very well without damaging the plant or myself. Will it still bloom next year even though there's that little bit of stump left? Everyone likes the Yucca and passersby have taken photos of it in bloom. :)

One more question, when is it okay to prune a citrus? I have looked it up online but have conflicting advice. Mine are growing in the neighbors fence and yard and it's hard to get under them. Some branches need cutting back.

Thank you,


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