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Shumard Oak damage vs Scarlet oak in ice storms

14 years ago

We have just gone through the worst icing event for our trees in this area.

For three days temps stayed just around 32, and slightly below, degrees F. At the same time the ground was still so warm that the ice melted off our streets and other pavement areas, but the poor trees and shrubs just got layers and layers of icing as rain continued on and off for almost 4 days and nights.

It did not surprise me to see that all round the area the soft wood, fast growing trees are now showing severe damaged,

It amazed me though that the hard wood oak trees around town also are showing branch failure damage. My two almost 30 year old Shumardi Oaks are so badly damaged, that I am not curtain they will not have to be taken out.

Once the broken branches are pruned back properly there might not be enough balance left in these trees to justify waiting for them to try to recover on their own. One of them might even have lost it's main leader trunk. I also have a younger 10 year old shumard oak which also was damaged so much that it will look quite strange once the damaged areas are pruned away.

All this problem with my Shumardi oaks, but my 30 year old Scarlet oak did not suffer a single branch failure problem.

Now it makes me wish I had, a long time ago, taken down the Shumardi oaks and planted Scarlet oaks or some other hard wood tree which has the potential to perform as well as my Scarlet oak has proven it can.

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