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1st WS season complete

14 years ago

Newbie... Did 52 containers. about 10 with no bad dirt was to shallow. Only 10 had GREAT germination ..the rest was all fair to middling.

But I'm aiming to learn from my mistakes.

Last of the containers got dumped or planted today.

Annddd.... I brought some seeds from the 1/2 of sale a Bennys so next winter When the urge hits I am ready baby!

My biggest challenge is:

I Need to be ready for a plant sale May 15th 2010.

I just ran one and we raised 3300.00 for Children Hospital Boston. 12.300.00 total for my workplace.

It was about 660 plants. I raised 3/4th of them Connie M and Chri from the Tomato forum donated a bunch and I begged about 8 flats of stuff from local nurseries

I know I want more rare plants next yr. the Delphiniums,larkspur.

And ppl want to buy mint..for a reason that escapes me...but they do... and they want Bigger tomato plants.

So I am going to start the Veggies..Toms,peppers hot mild and sweet... mainly under lights. Will WS anyone else. I am going to assign herbs to ppl from work who volunteer.(I will do parsley).. anyone can do mint and basil dill ..


How do I get 3 flats each of lupines,delphiniums.columbines. stuff you can't get at Home Depot KMOTGG,Love Lies Bleeding, ect ect for the sale?

I have started some cuttings from my single delph and lupines columbines,Dicentira spectiables (the fancy bleeding heart) and clematis I am doing some layering on the lavender...this is all stuff I have trouble starting from seed.

What else can I do to be ready for next yrs winter sowing and plant sale?

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