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Pictures of my yard from the past week (pic heavy)

15 years ago

Here's some pics I've taken in the yard over the past week...everything is WSed except for the Lillies and the Hellebores. The Snow-In-Summer is from last year, the Snapdragon survived the winter, the Malva reseeds every year with a vengeance. The Lovage (the tall monster plant) was Wsed three years ago and meant to be a companion plant to tomatoes (but I can't get a tomato plant near it!)

(Of course, I had to include two of the cats...One of them, Mufasa, has camped out in front of the Quaking Grass to give it a taste)

--Things are a little mangy in the yard, but I'm afraid to really trim or anything until I know the Monarchs have hatched.
















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