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new, and trying to save my yard from bamboo

13 years ago

i know im a new guy. i usually stay to the automotive and woodworking forums, but i need some help.

about a year ago, my wife and i bought our first house. when we bought it, it already had a well established grove of bamboo down by the creek. the bamboo is about 40 feet tall, 2-6 inches in diameter, and straight as an arrow. it is also spreading. it had already completely taken over the woods, is coming up in the middle of the driveway, is coming up through the floor of the shed, and is spread to the front yard, drainage ditch, back yard, and flower beds.

so far, i have tried everything i can to kill it. i cut it back with a chainsaw. ive poured everything i can think of in the roots and stumps, some EPA approved and some not. ive cut out all the roots i can find. ive dug out stumps. right now, im spending every morning before work and every evening afer kicking off the new shoots that i find.

i wouldlove to contain and kill this stuff. trenching isnt an option due to the 100+ year old oak trees, and the 40+ year old maples. is there any other way short of making homemade agent orange or something to kill this stuff?

please, shed some light on this for me. i would love to have a nice yard for my wife and daughter, and not spend the rest of my life kicking over bamboo shoots and tripping over roots that are looped in the perfect size, shapr, and heigt for my boot to slide under.



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