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Any tips on my indoor only Dwarf Cavendish?

18 years ago

Hello all.

I didn't know this forum existed until an hour ago. Lucky me! Glad I found you.

Three days ago I became the proud owner of a dwarf banana plant. It's about 18 inches tall and is in a 3.5" pot. I read a lot of articles online, but I still have (quite) a few questions:

I've read that it needs lots of root space. Does that mean I should repot right away? How big a pot should I put it in?

Potting soil... I've read to add perlite to potting soil. I've read to use strictly peat moss. And I've read to use a sandy type of potting soil. What do you guys suggest? Can I use half succulent, half potting soil mix (sphagnum moss, perlite & peat)?

Is it necessary to mist everyday? I have it in the most humid room in my apartment on top of a pepple tray.

Are spider mites necessarily a given? Even if I do mist and clean the leaves once a week?

In the winter (especially Dec and Jan), should I cut out the fertilizer completely or should I still use it on occasion?

I've read that some people cut off the leaves when they get brown. I read somewhere else to leave them on and let them fall off so the plant can reabsorb nutrients. Which is right?

I have the plant about 3" away from an east window. Should it be ok there? If it never fruits that's fine by me. I just think that they are lovely houseplants.

Please chime in even if you only know 1 or 2 answers to my questions. I want to do right by this little guy.

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