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Beginner needs advice

16 years ago

I just joined the Bamboo forum and have a few questions. I live in Fl on the ridge (near Disney) - it's sugar sand (fine powdery sand) and very dry! I do have a sink hole and peat bogg on the back of my acre. After three hurricanes past over in '04, I had 5 ft of water there for almost 18 months. Now it is back to bone dry. (Very challenging terrain!) I want clumpers and I have bought B. lako seeds. Four have germinated and are looking healthy. I also have some Iron bamboo coming in the mail and seeds for weavers (B. textilis) and Buddah belly (B. ventricosa). I also want some Mexican Weeping bamboo, if anyone has some for sale or seeds I can buy, let me know. Will these 4 bamboos do well here, zone 9A? I will water well until they establish, but how long will it take and will they ever be OK on their own? Thanks, looking foward to meeting and getting to know other bamboo lovers. Zachi

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