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Winter sown corn vs direct sown corn

10 years ago

I'm trying to stay calm in the midst of an earwig infestation that is destroying a lot of my WS babies, so here is one of the positives I'm trying to focus on right now.

This is a photo of my sweet corn taken today. I WS'ed half on April 20th. After an admittedly freakish warm spell for Michigan, I was able to transplant them on May 6th. I direct sowed the rest of the bed the same day. Here's the progress 1 month later.

The direct sown plants (the ones that made it... score another point for WSing) are about the size of the WS corn when I transplanted it. You've probably heard "knee high by the fourth of July". I keep bragging that my WS corn is almost crotch high by the fourth of JUNE.

So now I will go back to trying not to grumble about the beans, squash, and melon planted/transplanted at the same time that the earwigs have almost completely destroyed.

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