What type/size drip emitters do you use for veggies

11 years ago

I've been a hand watering for the past few years, but as I add more gardening space, I find it a little too time consuming. I've got plenty of 1/4" and 1/2" tubing, connectors, end caps, 25 psi regulator, hose timer, etc, but I have no emitters. I've tried a soaker hose before but it seemed a little inconstant to me. Didn't last very long either.

For now I plan on attaching to the hose. Later in the year I may try to add a new valve or two into my existing irrigation system. Should have added it a month or two ago. The ground is almost to hard to dig into where my valves are located.

So what do you all use? Also, I can see watering right at or near the stem of some veggies but what about those that spread their roots (melons)? Do you use more than one emitter for those?

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