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More practical way to plant out trees w/o trees?

15 years ago

Because of the weather, I had lost many seedlings this year. At first it was way too wet then it quit raining in April all the way through August and the ground dried up pretty quickly. I was thinking of doing things differently but in smaller number this time around.

I came across this smart pot in ground fabric bag where you can use topsoil and it would also prune roots for you resulting no circling roots. I figure I would use only one gallon size due to limited space and grow them in the ground to be planted in the fall when the rainfall is more or less reliable and I'd have better success without having to water at all due to many fibrous roots that would extend out in many directions before summer comes.

Bareroot seedlings are total failure in my situation. There's no way to water them. It'd be easier if I had lived there but I don't. It's supposed to be a retirement land but I need shade trees in place badly before I ever retire there. it's a several acres property with no shade from the west. I have plenty in the east and south. It would be nice if it was the opposite!

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