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stake weeping cherry the right way???

13 years ago

I used 2 sticks to straighten the major trucks of my weeping cherry tree, although it has not been cooporating much. I don't think I have been doing it right. The sticks are too short. I will stake by using much taller sticks. I am not sure which part I should support it up. I want to do it right this time.

Please see the entire picture of it. What a mess!!!


The trunk of the tree splits into two, far apart.... I have never seen one like it.


Would you please tell me which one I should stake? The red lines are the sticks I use now to support the tree. The blue marks ( A & B) are the two split trunk, also the thickest. The yellow (c) and the green (D) marked ones are pretty similar to the blue parts, although they are slightly thinner. I am guessing I will stake both the blue parts. Am I right? Or is there any way to stake it? Please advice me... Thank you.... I would love to have a normal look of a weeping cherry.....


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