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Clump Bamboo: for privacy hedge near pool, plz help!

18 years ago


I'm in the middle of designing our backyard landscape and I'm thinking about using a clumping bamboo along our back wall behind our pool to give some height to our wall.


I like the Timor Black Clumping Bamboo, but am curious if I can keep the height managed to 15' rather than the suggested 40'. If I cut them back every year to say 15', will they be ok and will I get new shoot growth within that 15' range or will new shoots only grow near the top?

I live in Northern California, summers are in the low 100's and winters are in the low 30's. I don't want anthing invasive/runners, just something to help give me some more privacy by the pool. Also, to get a 10' wide wall of bamboo, how many bamboos would I plant? From pictures of the timor I've seen, I'm thinking maybe 3 plants in with a 3' spread between?

Anyways, any and all help is appreciated!



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