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HAVE: Lots to trade. Live Plants and seeds

15 years ago

Right now what I have to trade is

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata (Multiple sizes) Live plant

Phyllostachys Edulis "MOSO" (1 gal.-5 gal.) Live or rhizome cuttings.

Phyllostachys Edulis "MOSO" Seeds (not sure on viability yet) I just planted a few, they should be viable.

Dendrocalamus Strictus Seeds. VIABLE!!! Will show pics if wanted!

Dendrocalamus Hamiltonii Seeds (Not sure on viability yet)

I want something nice for the seeds they are far more valuble than the other plants, considering i dont have too many more.

That doesn;t mean I want junk for the plants, they are also very valuble to me but i have lots of them.


A few things I want for them are

Ph. Vivax

Dendrocalamus Asper "Hitam"

Gigantochloa atroviolacea

Bambusa Ventricosa "Kemmei"

Those are just a few things I want. If you have some of these and are willing to trade, PM me and tell me what else you would be willing to trade if anything so I can make sure that we are both satisfied.

I am willing to consider any offer as long as it is for bamboo only.



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