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american elm revival

16 years ago

First of all, I am new to Garden Web. I started a thread on this subject in the New England Gardening forum (which some of you may have seen) not having noticed the tree forum until someone very nicely called it to my attention. I will first of all state that I am not a gardener, but a true lover of trees and am constantly learning. However, I must confess, I do have a soft spot for the American elm. I grew up in the Southern tier of NYS (Norwich, Chenango County) and there were still a few elm giants in the town, although sadly my earliest memories were of them being laid waste often in as little as half a growing season.

I am curious to know what those of you landscape professionals, arborists and tree lovers' impression of the state of elm restoration in its growing range is. I live in Boston and the City is extremely has been quite slow to pick up this tree (in truth, or much of anything else for that matter). It appears to me that many of the surrounding smaller cities and towns (for those of you in Eastern Mass, going out to Rte. 495) are much more progressive in reintroducing this tree. I get the impression that one of the reasons, at least in greater Boston that this tree is difficult to find in private yards is that most arborists and landscape professionals if not actively discourage, decidedly do not promote it.

Although I don't even have a yard in which to plant, I am seriously considering gifting the better of these cultivars, i.e., Princeton, Valley Forge, Jefferson when available (NOT American Liberty). My sister, who had a tree removed from her yard in Westchester, NY a couple of years ago and Otsego County, NY where a historic inn is expected to reopen in the not too distant future.

I will wrap this up now; it is a bit of a ramble but I suspect that it may never achieve anything other than a niche planting utilzied in restoring historic landscapes.

Has anyone read "Republic of Shade" by Thomas Campanella? Very sweet book; must read for elm lovers.

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