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Maple trees I miss so much

13 years ago

I had on the west side of our house a Sugarmaple, we had to cut it down due to borers, and the energy company had trimed it for years, it did get to the lines too when it got real big. Was about 80 feet tall. Was a tall tree. Close to house. It didn't hang on the house but I do have a small yard. I still miss the maple tree. I know they say it will pull up concrete etc. We didn't have a problem. A lot of landscapers said we were just lucky. I don't agree, I just think there had to be a reason. We also have ths sanitation line goes through our side of the street. It was atleast 30yrs old when cut down. I know my inlaws planted it , they lived here first, about 32 years ago. So the main thing , we have sandy sandy soil, like a sandbox, is this why? Did the roots go deep because they could? I might add we also have a block foundation and live on a steep hill. Water flows down so it didn't sit in water. I miss it and want to plant a Autumn Blaze or an October Glory. We used to drive up the hill and see the magnificent colors of the SugarMaple, I cried when we had it taken down.

We have been told we could get a Ginko and pear, which we had a pear too we had to cut because it was a bradford, double trunk . Now I have sworn to put two trees back and am unsure what to choose. I want and need shade, and am older so I want a big tree now that grows fairly fast. My maple choices would be good in my mind. Any suggestions or thoughts as to what we didn't have issues considering we had a maple. I have been told not to put Maples in here.

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