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Is sorrel chukkakoora

12 years ago

Is sorrel same as chukkaakoora?



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  • eswar
    12 years ago

    French sorrel is not chukka koora.
    Google French sorrel. One can see pictures of sorrel and cultivation instructions.
    As I understand they are some what similar in taste. But totally different species.

    Some people gave up on chukka koora as it bolts quicky.It is a better crop in spring and fall when the weather is cooler than mid summer. The soil needs to be suitable for growing leafy greens.

    I am growing chukka koora from the same seed stock from last 5 years. As they are of several generations grown over here, probably more genetically adapted to the local weather and soil conditions.
    Rather than bringing seeds from India or purchased seeds locally, seeds raised from your garden will be more adapted to your growing conditions.

  • DrHorticulture_
    12 years ago

    No. French sorrel is a cool season plant.

    'Chukkakoora' is edible purslane. These seeds should be available from some suppliers.

    BTW, Jamaican sorrel, also known as roselle (no relation to French sorrel) is 'gongura'.

  • srilunewgardener
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Thank you for the reply.
    @drhorticulture_ Z3: Purslane is not chukka koora. Its called ganga vayila koora.

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